When entering a competition,and sending me an email address,make sure you put your binweevil name,and what experience you have,and write what competition your entering!

Note!If the competition is closed,and you send your entry in on that day or after,your entry will be deleted and ignored!So make sure you send your entry before the closing date.

Note 2!All entrys on ALL competition will be shown on the page called "Competition entrys!".


Winner receives 5,000 mulch.
2nd up receives 3,000 mulch.
3rd up receives 1,000 mulch.
Other people that joined the competition (runner ups) will receive 250 mulch.


OMG competitions?Yeah you heard it clear n good!We have started a wicked competition page just for all you funky weevils!We only have one competition at the moment,but through time more cool competitions will keep coming in!Make sure you keep looking on the competition page!

Send me a comedy video!

Send a funny video of you on binweevils!Send it to

Make a banner!
(Competition will end on the first day of March)

Hi Weevils!Make a banner,but it must have my weevil on the banner and some wicked designs and backgrounds on it!If you do that,you will win some amazing prize money!The winner will receive 5,000 mulch for taking there time to make a banner!Also all banners that I approve on,will go on the page called "Competition entrys!".Now make a banner!To send me an email,and to copy the banner on to the email address,then send me the banner!My email address is:

Finish the story!            
(Competition will end on the first day of February.)

(To see who entered the competition,go on page:"Competition entrys")
Finish the story off...the best story will be published on my site and will be declared on the homepage saying who won,how much mulch you got!Now,finish the story...

King Dosh has a palace and he ruled the bin top.King Dosh was declared king, back when a battle started 30 years ago,and he did a humble speech and the bin war ended.Dosh is nice and kind,and helps the poor when they are in need.On the other hand,Gam that owns a castle in bin side,is dosh's brother.Gam was mean and spiteful and wanted everyone to bow down to him,not his brother.So gam set a ruin everyones live.He set across the bin when it was very early in the morning,and broke in most weevils nest and ruined there nest,stealing their furniture,vandalising there walls and floors,and then left a note saying "IM KING DOSH!IM GOING TO RULE THE WHOLE BIN MWAHAHAHA!".Though king Dosh did not write this,his mean brother did!The next day when King Dosh woke up,he heard shouts and yells and ran across his balcony,and was amazed that a whole mob of weevils appeared,and started to barge in the heavy metal jeweled door,and the door got weaker....and weaker....and weaker....

Now send me an email at ,or write the rest of the story in the contact form below...make sure that dosh stops all the bad,and stops gam from doing anymore from leading the bin amock!

We will reply if you put your email address in.Thankyou.