The Weevil Better Competion on here will start in 2012!This is going to be a big competition!Ok so I need some judges!If you want to be a judge,then below in the contact form,put "i want to be a judge".But i need atleast 5 judges.If you want to be a contestant,all you got to do is put below in the contact form,"I want to be a contestant!".I need all the contstants I can get!Now in weevil better,I need you to send me a video,a comedy video.It could be just you,or other people with you to.Try and make it funny!I will announce the results of who won the competition in 2014!
(OMG I will be 16 by then!)
There will be a winner,2nd up,3rd up,4th up,runner ups.There will be loads of prizes!So do enter ok!Make sure you send me your video at PrettyShannonbw@googlemail.com

 We will reply if you put your email address in.Thankyou.