I made these weevils for you,I assure you that these weevils are not hacked because i created these weevils.Make sure you DONT ENTER ANY COMPETITION because I put my postcode in the postcode section when creating the weevil,and if you won a competition,the prize would go to me not you,which would'nt be fair, so remember that!Anyway I will try and add some more weevils on here!Thankyou and enjoy!Just type the username and password in the binweevils site log in.It should log in aswell because I activated the weevils so you can go on them!Anyhow,there yours to enjoy now!

Free Accounts

 Username: -Shallow-      pazzy:binweevils    Gender required: Boy Weevil

Username: CrazyStuff      pazzy:binweevils    Gender required:Girl Weevil

Username:TheMould      pazzy:binweevils    Gender required:Boy Weevil