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Come here to see people enter competitions and what they sent!It might be cool to see you famous.You might be known more, and uh people on binweevils will be like "Nice fa entering bud...WIN IT!"hee hee lol. If you want to enter a competition, please send me a email to

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Go to the page and borrow my free accounts that I dont use.Maybe if your just bored and want to be called "newb" for once,and uh not to be famous.If you famous or something and dont want to be followed round and be shouted at wanting to be your bud,then this is a good chances cause my weevils are um NEWBS.Also get them exp,mulch,ect.Also there not hacked.I dont like hacked weevils...if they left binweevils and dont really care that there weevil is getting banned,fine by me.But if they use there weevil and the password is shared,then no way.(This may of offended some of you sorry if it did).If theres a weevil that you dont use and dont mind us using for public,please send me an email saying its username and password at

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Check out this massive competition that will be alive in 2012!Yes the year of sport!(I will be the age of 14/15!Uhh if this is still on the page when im 14,then cool!I written this just when I turned 12.Not that you need to know!)Anyway If you want to know more,go to the page now!

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Go to this page to see some cute photo's of my pet dog luka when he was a puppy which was 5 years ago.Luka is actually 5 now and he is MASSIVE.Not um height or weight,maybe its just cause all his fluff just hangs there and hides his pink skin.Uhhh...just go on the page.

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 On this page is the answers to the wordsearchs and crosswords.Maybe your to tired to work it out yourself or you just want to get your experience and mulch.Beats me!If I get given answers for something I just take it as its easier!

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Go to this page to see if you can do a glitch on binweevils!Do it for fun as if you fly in the air in inks these newbs say "Omg how do you do that?Your massive!".Hmm its funny,also your fame and popularity goes up a notch aswell-that's quite good.If you have any glitches to add to this page,contact me at

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Go to the page so you can get past the missions!That way its quicker and easier,and you get your prizes quicker.This also helps you if your stuck on a mission,and you will also then understand what next you have to do.

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Ok,this is only if your bored and have absouloutly ZILCH to do and read all your books completed all the games on your DSI,or you watched the telly and mags.So your just wondering around.Well atleast you got these games.Most of them are quite good to mess around on.

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Not every week,but some weeks I do a "weevil of the week" where I spot a weevil that I approve of and show them on the page for a week.Yes,its incredibal at giving fame as people go on the page and stare at the writing for 5 minutes in glory and say "Wow...".

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I dont write in my diary often.Only if I'm bored,done all the editing on the site,corrected all the spelling mistakes and stuff.Also if something funny or un-usual happened.Hmm.Keep looking just in case.

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On this page is some video's of binweevils which I approve of and which is cool and will swipe that bored look on your face for once YOU LAZY LOT oh lol cource that was a joke!Just go there and see if you like the vids or whatever lol.

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On the poll page is where you get quizzed,getting ready to vote for something,like I dunno whats the best place in the bin select this ect blah blah.Just there if you want to do something rather then read my writing all day which I'm sure is quite boring...

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On this page shows who has alot of experience/mulch,what there famous for,why there famous,and why people like them so much.Theres even a banner which im proud to say was made from my loyal friend,Narwan.If you think there's a missing ledgend to this page,please contact me at

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On this page will show up the main themes in a year-Christmas,Halloween,Easter,Birthdays if you like.If I have missed a theme,please contact me at

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On this page is just normal everyday video's and have nothing to do with binweevils for once.I recomend that you watch the first video its ever so cool! :)