Poems and stories from Pretty Shannon



The Liamm11 poem                                           23/8/09

POEM 1 *written when 10?*
(About my old good friend Liamm11)

Liamm had the bluest eyes,
the sweetest smile,
the cheekiest grin.
He always made me laugh,
and always smiled at me.
The moment I said I deleted him,
I saw the glint of saddness in his eyes.
Then I thought Oh no,why!
For then in real life I cried,
and wanted to meet him again...
For that I think not,
and we had not much friendship.
We used to have friendship,
but it was more then that.

Missing you.
I look over you from the blue bright sky,
And from the brightest star that shines.

If you see the rainbow hovering above,
I will be looking over you.

If the blossems of the tree are falling,
remember me and miss me.

If the moon comes out,
it means im with you.

If the sun will rise,
I will rise.
If the sun will set,
I will set.

If your on your own, think of me,
Because im missing you.

Where heaven lives,
Is where we all live.

We die at young and old,
In seconds or days,or in a decade or two.

Where heaven lives,
theres white angels and big great gates,
where we live in heaven.

Where heaven lives,
the sound of harps are the sound of joy,
the white puffy clouds are where we look down,
and watch people below us.

Where heaven lives,
when the clouds are black and gloomy,
its when another person dies.

Where heaven lives,
the white clouds are when we are in peace.

Where heaven lives,
Its where you live.

Theres a sound,
a pretty sound,
a lovely sound,
a different sound.

Theres the sound of bombs,
missels ,and gernades thrown at the ground,
theres sound of people screaming for help in there pain.

Theres the sound of stars,
twinkling in the moonlight,
they whisper and waver and tinkle.

Theres the sound of a young child crying,
abused by her parents,
she screeches and snivels and weeps.

Theres the sound of the tree rustling its leaves in the wind,
the flowers ruffle there buds open when the spring apears,
and the grass shakes and springs alive when the winter has ended.

Theres the sound of me putting down my pen,
putting my paper aside,
because I finished this poem.


Turning 13 (needs finishing ALOT)

Chapter one-

Bad Things

What do you do when your sister flushes all your pads down the loo when

your on your periods?! What do you do when your mum goes out clubbing

every night, e-dating and always flirting with any men near her!? What do I do

when there’s freaky swot sport kid leaning against a brick wall in there longish

sports kit, there tracksuit bottoms hanging to the ground around my

house(We call baggy jeans “poo in your pants” cause it looks like you just

pooed your pants basically.) Also what do you do when your x-bf is trying to

post posters of you all over lockers at school, of you snuggled up in bed half

naked looking totally babyish, with you sucking your thumb while you dream

of clubbing and school. And, my final question is what do I do and how do I

stop all of this? Because you just CAN NOT live in a terraced house on winter

steed road right in the middle of London stuck with an 38 year old mum that

acts 16, with a little 7 year old brat that flushes your UN-USED period pads

when you have just started your period. You know, it’s just crazy. All of this

happens and I’m stuck with the “PMT” problem where you blow your top when

your on your periods. This is NOT a good thing. Though the teachers at

school in year 8 have a thing about “tempers”. The teachers always think they

know best and always tell you what to do just like there your mum or

something. They say stuff like “Oh dear, You need to keep that anger in, just

in case the new year 7’s see you get angry. It might make them think that its

fine to blow off anytime and to start a ranting match against the other person

dear. OR they might be scared. Just think dear, just think.”. I do think miss, I

would say in my head. Who cares about the year sevens anyway? Well I don’t, even though I was one long ago! I need to protect

them or I will get shouted at the teacher for not being responsible or something.

But you know I’m not wonder woman! I cant just jump out and save a

stranded year 7 lost in the hallway when there’s a fight. Whenever that

happens, you keep your head down and literally run down the corridor away

from abusive words. I hate fights, they drive my nutting! Just now I was

listening to Akon singing the “Sexy Bitch” song with high bass and volume on

my funky blue Ipod nano, until I heard a squeaky strangled sort of scream. I

think that might have been my mum. She might of put the wrong eye shadow

on and made her face look squished, or maybe she lost her favourite sparkly belt for

when she goes clubbing tonight. I give a loud sigh and heave myself off my

junk filled bed, and try run down the stairs (though the stairs is absolutely

covered in magazines such as “heat” and “take a break”). I emerge at the

bottom of the stairs and walk round into our big living room that looks like its

been turned into a bedroom. Magazines and party clothes are thrown all over

the floor, and makeup are scattered across the coffee table with bits of sweet

wrappers abandoned.

Mum is standing on the dining table in her sexy but oh sweaty waitress dress

that cuts off on her thighs. Mums wiggling her bum in time to Flo Rida “Low”.

Its impossible really but mum makes this task look easy like she’s done all

this butt-shaking before. I’m kinda worried for her. Anyway I go up to her and


“What happened this time? Lost some clothing? I heard you scream.”. Mum

goes pink and blushes while she struggles to fight the hair with her comb.

Mum sighs and sits herself down on to the sofa. She

wonders her hand next to her and pats the sofa, wanting me to come and sit

next to her. I feel kinda nervous, and sit next to her. Mum blushes some more

and then squeaks “I’ve found the one! The one that can really make us

happy. He is caring, kind and sweet. He asked me to on a date with him.”. I

stare at mum blankly. It has been a long time since I’ve seen mum happy

about a sort of love life. Yeah, I feel happy for her but I want to know that this

is going to be safe. See, dad left when I was 8 to live with a tart that smokes

and drinks. Mum was so terrible, and had a rough time so she had to go

hospital for her to calm, and let the depression go away. Still my mum is just to crazy at times,

I tell you! She once saw a rat in the valley so she took it home in her handbag because she

felt sorry for it; but that rat kinda got fed up and scattered away outside in to the garden.

Anyway, mums staring at me now expecting a sort of “well done!” answer. I blurt out

“Have you ever spoke to him on phone? Seen him on Webcam? What’s his name and

age?”. Mum goes pink at the question and starts nibbling on her fine

manicured nails that were done last Sunday, and says

“Well, he must be my age if I’m 38. Anyway, when I date him I will know…and I don’t care for

what his name is. I just need SOMEONE to look after US.”. I look at mum like she is SO

wrong. All the men give her a dirty sort of grin.

She doesn’t know why they look at her like that. I do. She has the fattest baps

in the world, Its like squishing 2 fat basketballs together and trying

to fit them under a tiny crop top and WOW, don’t the guys give my mum a hard time with wolf

whistling at her and winking and stuff. Her hair is puffed blonde, and looks ever so

foxy when it lays over her shoulders. Her eyes are baby blue and they shine

like diamonds. I keep staring at mum like I’m a rabbit in front of a car,

frightened, scared, unable to move about the thought of having “ the one “ in our house. Mum sighs

again and puts a calm hand on my shoulder, and says quietly ,

“Look at it like this. When was the last time I went out with a man? When was

the last time on my own have I seen a lush hot body? When is it just now you

freak out when I’ve met someone that will make us happy? You will finally be

able to call a person a DAD. Think about it honey.”. I smile and clamber off the

sofa. I hear my Moby tinkling out “Tambourine” from eve. I know it’s a

message, maybe from Tasha. So I run up the stairs as fast as I can like I’m in

the Olympics, and hurdle over the basket full of clothes, then getting a prize

of a Moby for running the 10 meter race. I reach the phone and see that a text

WAS from Tasha. I look at the text and it says “C U MON BRING CLOTHES

FOR PARTY AFTER xx”. Oh yeah! Tasha’s gonna turn 13 Monday! But I t

totally forgot to get some glam clothes! And its not like I could use my mums

(not that it wouldn’t fit me! Mums the same size and weight as me worryingly!

The reasons are:

1.Her fake tan always stains her clothes.

2.She would go mental If she found out that I’ve covered her clothes in my

body germs.

3.What if I spilt drink or food over her clothes?(Then she would go mental.).

And I cant wear my normal clothes cause their not very party-ish, and their all like “ I’m not going

anywhere, just hanging in the house “ sort of clothes. So anyway I think I kinda need to go and shop

NOW, so I don’t go to the party nude.

So I clamber over the massive basket overloaded with clothes that’s probably

sat there since I was 10, and shout over the banister,

“Mum! I need to go and buy some clothes for Tasha’s Party!”. I’m hoping she

lets me. Normally when I go out she looks out of the window making some

squeak noise, also screaming, waving her arms around like a windmill, and

she normally fails because when she see’s me kinda ignoring her, she then

kinda just leaves me alone. She wants to know that I can cross the roads

safely (no joke) and if no perverts try and grab me and act weird (no joke).

But I can understand both of these cause the last year my friend Tasha

absolutely screamed when she saw an old man licking his lips and waving his

walking stick round shouting “I will get you! Rah!”. That was pretty freaky. And

she saw on the news that most teenagers walk around, normally to go to a

friends house or the mall, and that 50% of teenagers get stared at while going

to where ever. So I don’t think there’s going to be an old man wobbling

around on his walking stick licking his lips at the sight of you around a house

covered area in the middle of the day, when old women are walking there

terriers out (those dogs yap ALOT). So I escape out of the drive so I can only

hear a window slamming in mums temper, because mum was giving warnings

and about what to do when crossing the road, and I wasn’t listening to her so maybe that’s



I walk over the pavement

playing the little kids game trying to avoid stepping on cracks and not to stand

on a ant. The mall isn’t far away, and Tasha lives only across the road so I

can pop round if need be so I can then eat all the popcorn and watch a movie

like “wild child” with her or something. The shopping malls right ahead of me. I

get closer and closer until… “Hey jerk! What you gonna do today? Hang

around the sports centre for lover boy?” says my snotty enemy, Sasha. Sasha was right in front of me

while I was playing my little kid game (what a shame she saw that, that will be spread across the school

now. Great.). I walk

backwards, unable to escape as I fell on some smelly dog turd…

My enemy snorts and kicks me real hard in the back as I tried to clamber

away in a army crouch, only failing to fall over some more.

“Your useless. I thought that you could do anything. I think I just proved you

wrong AGAIN.” she sniffs.

I get up slowly, just to get a hard stinging slap across the face.

“You don’t deserve anything. Your ugly and horrible. Lover boy wouldn’t lay his eyes on you.

EVER. Just think about me though. All the boys look at me, not you. So just go away cause your

nothing to me.”.

I can hear one of the boys saying across the road “ I wish I could have a girlfriend like that who can

kick arse…”

Sasha flicks her golden hair and walks away likes she’s in some catwalk

cause there’s these guys hanging around on there skateboards. All the boys l

look up and one of them wolf whistled. Sasha winks at the boys and stutters

off in her 4 inch heels, walking towards her friends house (also my enemy).

I’m stuck in some war zone. I’m just surrounded by idiots from school…and

you would think that I would only see them at school for war, not at home to!

I’m blushing cause I’ve got some dog turd smudged on my clothes, and half

the neighbourhood must of seen that and I think they might be laughing like a

repeated Cd player, never stopping. Some old woman like 70 just saw

through the window (nosy things) and slowly walked out the front door

towards me.

“Dear. Can I help you?” the old lady says quietly.

“Uhh no I’m fine miss. Honest.” I say quickly with a weak smile spread across

on my voice. I SO defiantly didn’t want to hang around a woman that smells of

musty soap and one that sniffs for like ever eternity.

“Dear…I have to. Your clothes will stain with mud all over it! Look, stay there

dear. I’m just going to get some soap and disinfectant. Be back in a minute


Great.. So I’m kinda happy that old lady has a blocked nose today. Mud? You only get that on grass I’m

afraid, and I fell on the pavement.

I so didn’t hang around here, so I sprinted towards Tasha’s at a high speed like I was running

in the 2012 Olympics.

“Wait dear! You need some disinfectant! ”screeches the old lady that smells

of soap who just ran out of her gleaming white front door.

I’m really scared now. Not cause off snobby posh Sasha, but cause the old

woman is kinda haunting me. I need a change of plan cause I’m not going in

town with some dog turd hanging on my back. Do you know how un an-

attractive that is?

I walk across the chavvy area as I pass some boys on there skateboards. The

boys stifle there laughs as I go past and point at me and they jeer,

“Looks like you had an accident nerd.”. I blush and walk a bit faster only to

hear more laughter and choking. I then walk faster and faster until I only hear

a whisper of the boys voices.


Right, I’m at the door of Tasha’s. I’m escaping

the horrible nightmare that surrounds me on a Saturday morning. I knock the

door that’s made out of beer bottles (there family wants to be eco), which

makes a loud rattling sound and I hear and squeak as the door opens.

Tasha’s mum pokes her mini squished head out from the hallway and has a

plastered grin on her face.

“Hello! It’s nice to see you hun! Sorry Tasha’s not here but-” Tasha’s mum

pauses and wrinkles her stubby pink nose.

“Charlie are you sure you emptied the litter tray? It smells!” Tasha’s mum

turns her head into the hallway as she shouts that.

“Um about that smell Linda…I…fell and had a accident.” I say as I stumble

across my words feebly.

Linda raises her eyebrows at a astonishing height and tuts.

“What’s happened now!? Have you grazed a knee? Do you need a plaster?”

Linda shoots these words at me like I’m in a quiz show as I try to tackle the


The easiest way for me not to answer the question was to shake my head

and show her the back of my body.

Linda freaks and faints like I just did something unbelievable. Well I guess it’s

freaky if you might just of had your lunch and saw some “accident” stuck on

someone’s back. I would feel quite sick, yeah. I start getting anxious as

Charlie (Linda’s hubby) charges through the door outside in the middle of

winter with no top on revealing some astonishing man boobs that are

incredibly wobbly and uh…big. Charlie laughs as he see’s his wife slumped

on the doorstep, as she slightly starts to open her mouth letting heaps of

saliva drawl out her mouth.

Why is HE laughing? You wouldn’t laugh at your wife if she slumped on the

floor looking dead ,would you?

“Oh Linda, your always funny when you fake faint…ah” Charlie bends down

slapping his knee at what he’s seeing.

I start to walk away, but no one notices.

So far today: I got shouted at by mum how to cross the road and to make sure no

blokes wonder around looking quite suspicious. I met Sasha and she pushed

me to the ground like I’m dirt and she showed the boys on there skateboards

that are across the road.

An kind but weird old bat thought it would be good to clean my clothes in front of the whole


Not only that, but the boys were laughing, smirking, shouting abusive words at

me and worse as I ran away.

But I just made Linda fall on the floor dead and Charlie comes out laughing

and doesn’t notice me. Sigh.

Could anything get any worse? I need some clothes for the party! And when I

get home mum will have a hysterical fit because of the turd…So what do I do?

Cause it’s nearly dinner time (6pm dinner) and the shopping mall closes then.

I trudge home in defeat thinking about what’s for dinner…Nacho’s or


I’m back home bringing a strong odour of disinfectant and some smelly bits of

dog poo ( Yeah, I forgot to say that the old lady threw a whole jug of disinfectant, litrally drowning me).

So I just open the

door and there’s mum in the kitchen eating a healthy stir-fry with bits of

vegetables that I don’t know in it. This is the stuff I have to live with cause my

mums vegan. Also, I just saw my sis trying to sing “I gotta feeling” from the

Black eyed peas.

“I gotta meaning….good night tonight….yeah!!!” I hear my sister sing. I groan

at this. I don’t want to hear my 7 year old sister sing, when my pet dog Lilly is

yowling at the goldfish bowl, with the telly up on high volume with Brittany

Spears doing some pose on a music video, and the fan is on (its 6 years old

its knackered , it like rattles , which means its broken).So its incredibly noisy

here. But mum would of normally noticed this and instruct me to let the dog

out, feed the fish, me to send my sister upstairs so she can play with her dolls

so that she doesn’t make a racket downstairs, turn the volume down on telly

and for me to turn the fan off. Something was up with mum. She kept staring

out the window, her eyes kind of glazed over dreamily.

“Uh, mum are you not hungry?!” I half shouted across the room. Mum must

be asleep with her eyes open cause she didn’t hear me. Right, I’m going

upstairs away from all my problems, my family, my nightmares that happened

just today. Great, so its school tomorrow. You cant see me jumping in the air

with a big smile on my face can you? No, I’m sitting here quite glum staring at

my planner getting ready to bring my books today for the right lessons.

Eugh… P.E. It is the worst lesson for me. I just swear that there’s just some

curse over me because every time we play a ball game, it rains, a ball hits

me, I fall over on my crush or so on. I just don’t do P.E. Not just cause I’m

unlucky and get curses, but because I think a ball is a bomb, so when we play

tennis, football, hockey, rounder’s, baseball, netball, kickball ect. I always run

away from the ball and hurtle on to the teacher and hug her/him for

protection. Yeah, and everyone stares at me and gapes and acts like Sasha,

thinking there the best that they spotted me doing my “Hurtle from the ball”

game. Yeah, I humiliate myself. Not only that, but I’m terrible at Science. I

cant name the parts of a body, so the only parts I now is the heart, brain, liver

,lungs, uhh and that’s it. But c’mon, not many people know every single thing

in a body right? Yes, I should know by now where a liver is in the body

because the teacher talks non stop about bones and other gross body parts inside your

body… But I ignore the tired voice of my boring teacher because there

is a 15 year old boy here on work experience in Science. He is a nice lad, and

nice looking to. When the bell rings for Science we leg it so we can gaze at

this scared lad cause he is nice looking. We look forward to going to science

now (only for the hot boy ok) and I can see that my grades are getting slightly

lower as buff boy is more intrusting then a set of bones in the body. Its not

like when I’m older that I will be a Scientist, so I don’t see the

point of all this learning of the body, particles or whatever.

I guess that I need a rest…I thought. So I layed on my bed half dazed to the

fact that I have had a horrible day today. Could things get worse even though I will see

buff boy tomorrow? My grades could get higher (not that I care, well I do but

only for mums sake as she wants me to be famous for money or something

when I’m older.). Cause he is cute sweet and attractive, so I don’t blame the

year 9 or 10’s that try and chat to him at break.

They aren’t that pretty a matter of fact…well I cant really say that as I’m not

quite appealing myself. But these girls are revolting and hideous-because

they chase all the boys desperate for a love life. This puts the boys off so

when its lunch they run out of the school up to McDonalds and hang there

instead to grab a burger rather then hang around with repulsive girls that

gawp at the boys non-stop.

Chapter 2-

Teachers, pupils, geeks and buff boy

I hear the alarm of screaming and squealing from my usual mum instead of the merry tune of

“Singing in the rain” from my Samsung mobile that seemed that its battery live got knocked out

(good that mum was my alarm today otherwise I would be late for school yet again ,and Mrs

Grapefruit would have a fit cause I’m like late everyday as the old woman on the road that

smells like soap drags me in her old crumbly lonely house to let me stroke her cats) and well,

you would expect that if you had a Samsung mobile since you were 10 so I’ve had this horrible

tacky mobile for nearly 3 years.

I couldn’t be bothered to get up at 7 am in the morning as It just feels like Saturday, where I

normally live in my crumbled-up duvet bed watching soaps (East enders and stuff, not liked

bars of soaps. Though I think the old lady down the road maybe does take her spare time and

stares at bars of soaps all day.) and maybe just eating a lot of junk food aka nothing healthy.

But I’m the weirdest person in the family, I must admit that.

I have a thing for penguins, thinking how cute they are how they waddle around in there

orange webbed feat, how they use there beak and snuffle themselves, how they dive in to the

icy water and flap there useless wings to paddle along to a short distance.

I, Sophie Charm will successfully lay in bed a little longer today before I hear more sounds of

screaming and flushing from the toilet as my sister Taylor gets some un-used period pads out.

“There Mermaids!” my 7 year old sister says.

“Look, they can swim! Look oh no there’s a whirlpool ahh!” she says as she jabs her finger in

to the dirty water imagining that her finger was a mermaid itself.

See, I’m not the only weird one, fortunately.

I think I should check up on mum now just in case the spider/cockroach/snake/lizard didn’t

crawl into her bed and make her let out another scared muffle cry when she‘s hiding under the

duvet which kinda worries me.

I thrown myself out of my den and closed the door (having a sign that got super glued onto the

door, saying “no period pad flushers aloud or you will have no Barbie dolls as I will flush

THEM down the toilet.”.)

I do my special hunched up army crawl on the floor as I slowly moved closer and closer

to my mums room until…OMG I CAN SMELL AFTERSHAVE!

The door is slightly open and I can smell more of the disgustful smell as I reach closer and

closer until I hear a deep voice whispering and a soft voice whisper back.

I hear a muffled “Ow” from the deep voice and I hear padding of feet padding closer to the

wooden door…

I don’t want to see this…MAN in MY house.

I hope this isn’t dad…mind you I should of peeked through the door before I lurched myself

back to my room across the long 5 meter landing once I heard footsteps getting closer in

mums room.

This is very mysterious…OMG I got SO worked up that its 8 am already and I’ve just been

sitting here thinking about what’s happening in mums room cause its very quiet now, though I

can still hear quite a few of girly giggly laughs.

I scamper down the long forever eternity stairs as I just finished throwing on my worst uniform

on (crumpled up, torn, loads of holes in it and stuff) and only managing to steal a biscuit out

the cookie jar.

I pick up my backpack and open the door before I could hear Taylor chanting quietly “Mummy

and Mark, sitting in a tree, doing things they shouldn’t be. Mummy and Mark sitting in a tree

kissing and licking and sticking up for me. Mummy and Mark sitting in a tree, not telling Sophie

what’s happening, which is very mean…”.

I couldn’t of just heard that. Who the HELL is MARK!? Is that why I could smell aftershave?

Did mum spend the night with “Mark?”. Or am I hearing and smelling things? Imagining? Lets

hope I’m just imaging everything at the moment.

OMG its like 20 past 8 and school starts in 5 minutes! I sprint out the door without saying a

goodbye to anyone. The bus is here…phew. I slow down and walk towards the bus as it just

started to pull away.

“NO! STOP…NOW!”I scream angrily shaking my fist at the bus driver.

I can see Sasha, my enemy at the back of the bus waving around a rude hand sign and

laughed at me repeatedly as the bus got further and further away.

“Bitch isn’t she. You’re a nicer bitch though.” says a guy leaning against a near by tree.

“Uh…yeah! So…who are you?” I ask, still blushing that this guy approves of me.

“You know…from the sports centre.” says lover boy as he steps forward from the tree.

I burn and I feel like I’m turning red. Lover boy is a boy at the gym who supposedly loves me,

but he isn’t fit or anything like that. He is just like a not very popular person like where ever,

not that I’m popular or anything. I do NOT act the popular type.

“Oh yeah…I um remember you. But I got to go otherwise I will be late for school. Bye!” I

squeak as I run away.

Normally when you are scared or hate someone or whatever, you just blurt out an excuse like

“I will be late for school” or something.

But that was true, cause I AM late for school and Mrs Grapefruit (Yes, that’s her real name,

and its not made up ok) would throw a paddy at you even if you were a millisecond late.