Rules and that for chat                                      23/8/09

1.Dont Bully.Would you like it if someone was mean to you,or if you bullied them?
2.Dont swear!

3. If you feel you are being bullied by one of the moderators or other owners, then please contact Pretty Shannon-My email is
4.Dont be mean or rude to owners or moderaters,otherwise you get a warning,and if you do it again,you will be banned.
5.Dont ask to be a moderator or owner,member or guest!The Owners decide!Not ewveryone can be a moderator ect.
6. Respect everyone.
7. If you feel your ban time is unfair please contact me below on the contact form,or send me an email:
8. If you see someone swearing and there are no mods or owners then please report them to me, on the contact form below or to my email
9. Advertising is aloud

10. No spamming numbers, emotions or words
11.If you keep being mean over and over again you will be banned from chat forever.
12.DO NOT USE CAPS BECAUSE IT GETS ANNOYING OK DO YOU GET ME IT GETS REALLY ANNOYING SO DONT USE CAPS.(im trying to make you annoyed so you know how people feel when you keep using caps.

1.Dont ban for fun,cause its not funny,and also its annoying and can upset to the user of this site.
2.Dont swear at people to make them angry.
3.Dont swear at people if there making you angry.
4.Make sure you ban the person that does bad things and say bad things to you,even if you know them real life or there your friend.

If you think we can update chat and make the rules better,please comment on the home page.Thankyou.

The men next to your chat are "meanings"
The red man means offline.
The orange means the owners of chat.
The white man means Moderater.
The blue man means your an online member
The brown man means your banned.
The green man means your a guest.
If you disagree or have anymore rules for chat please do write in the contact form below and say why you contacted me.Thankyou.

We will reply if you put your email address in.Thankyou.