Do you actually KNOW what a glitch is?
A glitch is when theres a weak spot or problem in the game, which means you can do
different sort of tricks to impress your self and friends!Glitches actually make you kind of popular in some weird way, and the new weevils (or newbs should I say) are in awe and say " wow how do you do THAT?!" and "OMG CHRISTIE (I know random lol) LOOK! A FLYING PERSON? HEY HOW DO I GET THAT SKILL...Errr....JOLOSOMO!!! (ok random made up weevil names hehe)".

You can glitches in not only binweevils, but in many other online and multiplayer games- also games like modern warfare, call of duty, grand theft auto (maybe most games invented).

Tiny weevil glitch - SWS mission 2 You must go to the beginning of SWS Mission 2 Part 1 to do this glitch (the ancient ruin/gorge). Firstly, go just in front of the weeds on the bottom right of your screen. Then start clicking your body and you will move forward. You will notice that you get to the other side of the gorge without jumping. If you keep doing this then you will become smaller and smaller until you cant see your body anymore. You will probably end up somewhere far away in the distance.

Mini Crab Glitch

This can be done anywhere in the bin, including your nest. You must have the GFG move unlocked ( To unlock this you must complete tinks blocks at mulch island, by going to the airport to teleport you there). If you are not in your nest then you'll have to use the cam to get close or it will be difficult. Firstly, click Star GFG Star. Then whilst your in the air, start clicking your shadow quickly over and over again. Then after some clicking, you will stop in the middle of the GFG move. Stop clicking once you stop!!! You should be on your stomach with your legs sticking out. Now wait until you go back to normal. Your two middle legs should now be moving as if you are walking.

Buddy Messenger Cheat

Firstly, open up your buddy messenger system (the post box in your nest). Make sure you have 2 messages from the same weevil next to each other, and then another weevil's message above them (e.g. message from henza, message from henza, message from bandit). Then click each message quickly one after the other and the last message should have two weevils on top of each other!

Super Big Weevil - Inside Shopping Mall
This glitch can only be done inside the Shopping Mall. Firstly go anywhere at the very top of the stairs (next to Tum's Diner). Then click the Bin Tycoon hat at the centre of the sofa/chair thing in the shopping mall where you go to night clubs. You should walk to the hat and it should load up. When you close it, you will be on the wall, but really big like in the Flem glitch somewhere below.

Antennae Twist
Firstly, you must become a Bin Tycoon. Then put the Tycoon hat on your head, it can be any colour just put a hat on. Then, press an arrow or door to another place. Before you reach there, press 7. Now take off your Tycoon hat by clicking the hat symbol again and clicking the red x on the hat. Your antennae should be twisted or distorted for everyone to see!

Moving Whilst Playing Game
First go to a place with multiplayer games (e.g. Ink's Orange Peel). You might want to go on an empty bin because you will need games with no one playing on them. Then click a game and then crouch. Whilst it is still loading click a different game and crouch. Once the first is finished loading, the second should start. Remember nobody can be playing on the game whilst you do this glitch. Then click yes on both of them. Then close ONE of them and you will be able to move whilst playing that game.

Super Big Weevil - Inside Flem Manor:
This glitch only works in Flem Manor as well. This is how you can get really big, the biggest you possibly can. Now the first bit is the tricky bit, there is a video tutorial here if you do not understand what I am about to say. First, go onto the stairs, now click a part of the stairs above you, but when you are in the air jumping, then click the green bit at bottom of stairs. This makes the arrow appear. Now go to the top of the stairs and turn right. Now click the floor below you and you should come forward and get big. Now click the arrow and press 7 before you go out of the room.

Go Behind Flems Stairs:
Go inside Flem Manor and go right to the top of the staircase, by the corner of the banister. Now click Star FEG Star to the ground in front of you and you should go on the wall. Then press the other side of stairs and you should walk under the stairs. Press 7 to stop.

Flem Big Weevil:
This glitch only works in Flem Manor, but can make you gigantic! Firstly, go inside Flem Manor. Then go right to the top of the stairs. Now, click a door or the arrow and you will get bigger and bigger. IMPORTANT: You must press 7 on your keyboard before you leave the room or you will just go into that room. Now you can click the bits behind the banisters at the sides and you will jump onto them.

Auto Jump (also known as 'Big Weevil'):
This glitch allows you to super jump in any direction automatically! First, go to your nest and go to the left or right room. Click a chair or seat, and before you reach the chair, go to a place like Ink's Orange Peel. Then click a game and press crouch before you reach the game. You should jump to a random place (even on the peel).

Invisible + Glowing ANYWHERE:
You must first unlock Star BCD Star from SWS Mission 2 Part 2. Then go to Ink's Orange Peel or any other place. Click Star BCD Star to the other side of the place and then go to 'Map' and back to the place you are at the moment as quickly as possible. You should end up being invisible or glowing. This works on everybody's screen. If it does NOT work then go to somebody elses nest and then back to yours. Then repeat the method.
Invisible Glitch (not furniture move):
Go to a place with multiplayer games (e.g. Inks Orange Peel). Click a game, BUT whilst it's loading on the blue bar go to your nest. When you finally reach your nest the game should come up. Don't click yes or no just keep it up. Then click the right door but press 6 or 7 before you leave the room (in the doorway). Then close the game and press Star FEG Star to the opposite side of the room and you should turn invisible.

The Henza Glitch:

This is a completely new glitch discovered by Henza. Firstly, click your cursor on the chat bar like you would normally. Then hold down CTRL and then press enter twice. Up should come a blank speech bubble, and when you speak again then it will have a blank space above.

Shopping Mall Inside Wall Glitch:
Firstly, go inside Shopping Mall and go up the stairs outside Tum's Diner. Now simply press Star FEG Star down onto the floor of the shopping mall and you should jump onto the wall.

Frozen Position:
First, go to someones nest and then back to yours. Then go to inks. Do some dance moves, and keep pressing the numbers on your keyboard (1=jump etc.) and then click on the map and to the place you are. Inks Orange Peel works the best.

On The Orange Peel:
Click a game and press crouch before you get there. It should ask you if you want to play the game. Don't click yes or no just keep the game up. Then click the arrow to Rigg's Palladium. Press 7 on your keyboard to stop before you reach the end of the path to Rigg's. Then, 'x' out of the game and click the bottom corner of the peel and it should take you there. Press 7 to stop on the peel.

Dirt Valley Dice:
Click a game anywhere in the bin. I would advise in inks because it works better. Remember press crouch before you reach the game and the game should automatically come up. Then quickly go to dirt valley in time. Click time trial and it should activate the glitch and you will automatically go onto the dice! Different games=different place on dice. If this doesn't work then you probably forgot to crouch from far away or didnt click time trial to activate it.

Racing from inks:

Firstly, go to dirt valley and click time trials. While it's still loading go to inks and wait a while. Then it should automatically take u to an out-of-bounds area in inks. Press 7 to stop in that position but if u want to race then just let your weevil carry on walking.

Flying anywhere:
Firstly, go somewhere (I recommend inks) and do super jump. U must have full super jump by completing level 6 of maze game. Then when u have just taken off go from the floor, click map, then inks again and i will take u to the position of where u come in. U should be floating. If it does not work, go to somebodys nest and then to yours, then repeat the steps.

Walking spin:
Firstly, go to a place (inks is best) and do super spin. Super spin is unlocked by completing level 6 of tink's blocks. Then once u have just taken off from the floor go to map, then inks again. This should leave you in the position where u come in. Instead of standing you are now lying with your legs out or floating with your legs out. Now u can walk like that. If it does not work, go to somebodys nest, then to yours, then repeat the steps.

Click Star GFG Star and wait until you have almost stopped spinning. The longer u wait, the more moonwalk you do. Then click somehere to walk to and once you've stopped spinning you will moonwalk! Its fun.

Easy Float:
Press stretch/stand symbol on the bottom of your screen, it should be next to crouch. Then press Star FG Star and it should make you float up from the floor a tiny bit. It also can make you go underground if you press crouch instead of tip-toe. This is an easy glitch and is not very good. Press jump or 7 to stop floating.

Nest Float:
Firstly, you have to unlock super spin by going to Rum's Cove then mulch island and complete Tink's Blocks. Once you have done that go to your nest or any nest you like. Press Star GFG but dont press the last Star until your just about to leave the room. Once you have done that, click a room you want to float in and just when your about to leave it press the last Star. The later you press the last Star the higher you float. Once floating, it will stay floating if you go in any room. If you press jump, crouch, nudge (7 on keyboard) etc. you will come down to normal height.

Basic glitch:
Click a game from the other side of the place you want to do a glitch in (e.g. click a game in Kips if you want to do a glitch in Slams). Remember press crouch and yes before you reach the game. Quickly click Slams or the place you want to go. Then activate the glitch by clicking a sign or door. It will automatically take you on the box or where ever you want to do it. This can be used anywhere in the whole bin.

Nest wall:
Click a game (inks works nest). Press crouch before you reach the game and click yes. Then quickly go to your nest. Wait a while and it should activate by itself and take you up the wall. It does not work in other weevil's nests.

Finding the crown or other hidden object everytime:
Want to find the crown everyday with ease? Well all you have to do is go to these places where the crown is normally hidden:
Inks Orange Peel, Peel Park, Dosh's Palace, Castle Gam, Kip's Scrapyard, Bing's Grotto & Club Fling.
Then press Tab on your keyboard lots of times until it reaches the crown (a yellow square will come around the crown). Then once you know where it is, you can click it (even if it is behind an object).

Super Speed:
Click on map, then click a place. Once its loaded and its still blue click on map and somewhere else again. Keep doing this everytime when its blue and after 3 or 4 times super speed is activated. The more places you go, the faster you get.

Getting In Full Bin:
Click logg in. Then click the bin whilst the Buddy Count says 0 and is still loading. Then the Buddy Count should come up to normal and it will say full across the server. Luckily, you clicked the server before the word full came up.

Big Speech Bubble:
At the beginning put . . or two words with a space between them. Then press space until it reaches the end of maximum letters allowed. Backspace as many letters you want to say and then type them in. E.g. 'hello im   henza'. Then it should come up as a huge bubble with the last word below the first two.

One-Worded Big Bubble:
Put * the beginning and a word at the very end like the glitch above. It should not show the * and only one word will show on the big speech bubble. This only works in a public place, not in your nest.

Committing Suicide In Dirt Valley:
Firstly go to Dirt Valley, any track. Then there should be brown dividers between each set of cars. 4 cars, divider, 3 cars, divider, 2 cars, divider. Go to the end of the divider and keep clicking TINY steps on the divider until you reach the end. Then do the same to get infront of a car.

Adding Yourself:
Click on one of your buddies. Click remove buddy, but DONT click yes! Then put up YOUR weevil and then click yes. Then your weevil will have a ignore buddy button, click it. Then remove from Ignore List and click send buddy request. Accept the buddy request from yourself and you're on your own list.

Inviting yourself to your nest:
Do the glitch above and then click on your weevil. Click invite to nest and you should recieve a nest invite from yourself. Click go to nest and when you or anybody else clicks find, it will say your in your own nest. E.g. 'Pretty Shannon" is in Pretty Shannon's nest' instead of 'Pretty Shannon is at home'.

Head up or down:
First go to your nest or anybody elses nest. Then click a room. Just when your about to leave the room, click nod. When you come out to the next room you should have your head raised or lowered. Put a frown on if it's low because then it looks like your sad :D.

Double Jump:
Click Star FEG Star and then click 1 on your keyboard. You should bounce. The more times you press 1 the more times you bounce!

Walking backwards to place:
First click a game. Do not press yes or no. Then click the arrow to another place, but shortly after click Star FEG Star and click somewhere else. Then you fly back to where u were and then walk backwards. This works best in Inks to Riggs.

Adding more people than the maximum:

Firstly delete one of your buds that will definitely add you back and is online at that point. Find the other people you want to add at the same time. Then send back a buddy request to the person you deleted but then quickly add the other people you want. Hopefully they should all add you and your done.

Super Speed Spin:
Go to Club Fling and do the special move, Star GFGF Star. Then do Star GFG Star at the same time. You should bounce then go really fast!

Bandit's Automove
Go under Kips Scrapyard (games section). Keep clicking on different games quickly (best to click about 5-10 games, keep clicking back on the main binweevils window after clicking on each game), then press 6 or 7 on your keyboard to stop your weevil. Go to any place around the bin and click a game or an entrance into another place (some entrances don't work, so you might have to keep trying a few times). It should now keep moving around automatically, without you clicking anywhere.

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