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NOTE! Hey guys remember to scroll down this page because we DO get alot of updates come through ok? Thanks I want to make sure you read them so you dont miss out some fab news!

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Introduction of site 


Hello Binweevil fans!Its nice to know I have released a new site for weevils to do glitches, chat, sneek a peek for the latest news and also where the crown is that day.I have released this site on 22 August.This is a brand new website to chill out on and have some weevil extravaganza!

I will add tips and the latest competitons.I will upgrade the site every so often for more gossip and glitches ect.

When you go on my site,afterwards please tell all your friends on binweevils about my site.Cheers!

Also below my Introduction there is a comment section right at the bottem of the page.Any problems, suggestions are welcome to be commented anything about the site.

A New Competition Starting In February.. WHOO!! :D

Hello Everyone!! Happy new year, and Im so glad its 2010 now. A brand new start.. and we have stopped gobbling the chocolate I hope ;) So any of you guys got any new year resoloutions? If so send me a new year resoloution, then I will put them on the Homepage of my site, and to send that new year resoloution, please contact me at prettyshannonbw@googlemail.com. You can also contact me for another reason- a new competition is coming on In March! The new competition will be about writing a real or fake story, or you could write a poem or song- totally up to you! Remember that competitions are worth doing on the site because even if you dont win the competition, you get a really good mulch prize :D So.. What are you waiting for? Its only a click away! (well theres many more clicks then 1... its just a phrase...and why do I give a damn lol) Ok so thanks guys, and keep on rocking and weeviling your way in the funky bin :D

What can you do on this funky weevil hangout site?

Theres so much to do!Why dont you read below this mini paragraph to see whats on and not at the site!

Competitions:YEAH!COMPETITIONS! You heard mate! We are running loads of competitions here, right now, and its here just for you! You could win mulch if you do a competition, you could have your fame, you could be mentioned on the homepage for all to see what the amazing things you have done!

My Magazine: This is where the news comes in :) and you could be mentioned in there.There can be be adverts, something to do with binweevils or it could just be completly random :/

Free Accounts: Bored? Yeah thought so. Staring at a brick wall isnt very entertaining is it? So I thought "What if people are bored? Yes, I know theres a Game page for you but that cant be enough.". So I made some free accounts for you funkiii guys and here you go! A girl and male weevil :D
The Chat:This is a great chat! You can TALK! No moderators from binweevils will ban you for saying "gay" or anything stupid. I allow you to say these soret of words, but not all the time. I would say the right age for my chat is the age of 8 to 16, but no higher or we kids get worried :S

The Rules: I can hear you groan..A groan that fills this website with dismay. Yes, we all have to follow rules to make sure we are not running amock across the website shouting swearwords and spreading your saddness. Theres rules for a very good reason: Its so we all have fun, keep friends, keep happy.If you need to know the rules (yes I can hear you groaning again!) then just click the rules at the colon.

Famous weevils: I store a fairly big factfile of the weevils. Im not collecting their experience of cource because some weevils earn there experience quite quick and you have to franticly change them each week. You can see if your on their!

My poems and stories: Go there and read whatever you like.Its not like im forcing you to read every SINGLE THING but you know xD Just if your bored... Oh hey Im rambling on again Im very sorry..

Your poems and stories: Are you dieing to tell me the time you did a wheelie or something? Or if you saw a flamingo FLY!? Well you can write to me on the contact form below or email me at  miss.shannonsmith@hotmail.co.uk or miss.shannonsmith@googlemail.com. It could be a REAL story or a made up one (you must say which though) ;) and you will get fame for it to xD

Weevil Better: Hehe! If you so badly want to hear what it is, please just go on the page otherwise it will take up most of the page.

My real life photo gallery: Its me! All about me! Nooo Joke! xD It itsnt.. really. O.o  You can see how funkii weird wacky random crazy ect I am!

The Pretty Shannon Top 10: This is where I pick out the talented weevils, and put them in what catogeries and number they are..you could be on there, or maybe not. You might see a friend you know on there ;)

Binweevils Photo Gallery: Here is some cool pictures of binweevils- well anything to do with binweevils! Just keep checking ;)

Binweevils Dictionary: Some places in the bin, word meanings and smileys. This is for the "new people" or if you just had a brain damadge and wanted to refresh your mind hehe :P

The Links: This page contains the precious links to other weevils websites- I dont take the binweevils gang website as they copy off other websites, as many other weevils have discovered. But I take the very good websites and add them, so everyone can spread the word "Binweevils" across the internet world. I told you I was weird lol!

Wordsearch and crossword answers: The page contains answers  for the binweevil wordsearch and crosswords, if you were stuck or couldnt be bovered to look for a letter.

The Glitches: GLITCHES! (omg theres a thousand weevils surrounding me pleading to hear some) Yep you heard it, glitches are on every website arnt they? But at least there here just in case :D

The SwS: SwS offers quests- or missions as they put it. Every quest is different, in a different loacation and has different solutions and people. So we give videos (soon) and answers to what to do in each and every quest!

Games: Bored. Brick wall. Teddy bear. Yes, just play a game for god sake! Dont just sit on your laptop staring at your picture on facebook and thinking "should I re-do that?" no just play a game.. much better then.. WELL YOU KNOW :P

Weevil of the 6 months: Its not "Weevil of the week" Anymore. Its going to be like the game "kings and queens". You get to be king or queen, then every 6 months that king or queen weevil will get kicked of the throne because there not worthy! Weevil of the 6 months will show the best weevil thats caring, kind, helpful, non-angry, happy and funny.

My Diary: No peeking! No Im Joking :) This is on either binweevils or my very un lucky life with my weird 7 going on 17 year old sister, got to be tidy and dog mad mum, and my dad the computer geek.Welcome to my life.

Youtube: Need to search anything, just go on to this page. Theres also videos and music I put up on that page to, so have a good look ;)

Poll Page: Do loads of polls and votes here! Updated Regularly.

Bin Ledgend: The Bin Ledgend page is a whole page about the best and most experienced weevils of the bin! There the experts ;)

The Big Themes: Is it christmas or Easter? Halloween or valentines day? Just go on the page to see the best "event" and there will be videos and stories, poems and jokes to keep you in ship-shape. xx

Funny Videos:I add funny videos that I think will spread a smile on your face, or even maybe a little girly giggle will do if the videos funny enough.

The Famous Weevils page has been updated! 30/12/09

Please check it out! We have the whole binweevils team added on to the page, and if you would like to be on their to, well fill out the form at the bottom of the Famous Weevils page.

It Is Now Up And Running!

Heyy guys ;)   Long time no see. The website somehow ended up getting hacked, but its now right under control now so thats good! In the next week you will see the website rising up to the challenge to get more improved, better, and more fun for you guys to check out and chat on here :D So keep on weeviling!


Im very sorry to say this but unfortuanatly the halloween magazine is a "cant be idea".Ive had alot of things to do on the site and in real life outside the internet world.But on the themes page there is a halloween section.So if you wish to see that then please do cause there are jokes, a story and some video's.

Wow!Flabs site!

Heyya weevils!Flabs, has a wicked site!I couldnt beleive my eyes!His site is super great.The setup,the way he writes on it so people understand what he says,some video's,and loads more!Find out for yourself on the links page where theres a banner and his site with a few bits thats on his site.Below is a few of his banners: Also click the first banner to go to his site.

(Picture above-Im on the left my sis on the right)
Hiii!Some pictures of me and that will be shown in the binweevils gallery or my photo gallery in a month or less.
If you need any help please contact me with any of these contacts below.

And heres my email address: miss.shannonsmith@hotmail.co.uk
My other email address: prettyshannonbw@googlemail.com
My MSN:miss.shannonsmith@hotmail.com

Also catch some secret gossip at: http://twitter.com/ShanDaBest

please fill in the contact form below if you have any problems,or if you have a suggestion for the site.If we like your suggestion,we will do a "thankyou" page.We might even publish your idea on the site.

We will reply if you put your email address in.Thankyou.